Orders placed in our store are sent to the buyer's address within 48 hours after payment confirmation and after logistical processing that takes into account stock, delivery region, the invoice issuance process and preparation time. of product. Delivery time varies from 4 to 14 working days after placing the order.

After the order has been posted, the customer will receive a tracking code via email to check the shipping status through the post office website or other logistics companies. Most of the time, orders are sent by post, and there may be changes in carriers depending on the offer of lower shipping costs.

IMPORTANT: Once we receive the order, it is not possible to change the delivery method, request advance payment or priority. It is not permitted to change the address or house number and complement, for example. With each update on the order status, our system automatically sends alert emails. Therefore, it is important to keep your email address updated in your user registration.


Pay attention to the delivery address. This address is provided during payment or can be filled in and edited in the customer profile.

It is important that the address is registered correctly for delivery to be successful. In case of delivery errors due to incorrect information, a new shipping fee will be calculated and the buyer must pay for the second shipment.

Before making any purchase, check the shipping cost. The same is calculated automatically and shown separately on the payment page. If you wish, you can check the shipping cost in advance by accessing your shopping cart.

Delivery time varies depending on your region. Some locations have delivery restrictions and the object will be available at the nearest carrier agency for collection within 5 calendar days. If the object is not removed, it will be returned to the sender. In these cases, a new shipping fee will be calculated and the buyer must pay for the second shipment.

Any delays in delivery may occur caused by traffic and problems with carriers such as strikes, stoppages, etc.

In cases of orders with more than one product, it is common for items to arrive at different times or even days. This is because not all products are stored in the same distribution center, which will require different shipping and logistics times.


All orders over a certain amount and placed from certain regions qualify for free shipping. You can check if your order qualifies for free shipping during checkout. If applicable, the 'Free Shipping' option will be available. The minimum value and regions eligible for free shipping may vary without prior notice. Pay attention while completing your purchases.


If you have any questions about your order or want to know more details about order tracking, please contact us and provide your order number. Our team will assist you in any way possible.