When you shop at Deskeep, it is essential to understand the different payment methods available. Each of them has its own characteristics, deadlines and security levels. Below, we will explain the main payment methods accepted in our site and their advantages.


The Deskeep Store employs security measures such as SSL encryption, security codes and two-factor authentication. In addition, our website adopts additional measures to protect financial transactions that are recognized and used around the world.


2.1.Payment Type: Allows you to buy now and pay in the monthly invoice.

2.2. Approval Deadline: Approval is usually immediate, making it a quick method.

2.3. Advantages: Offers the convenience of paying in installments and can include rewards and insurance programs for purchases.


3.1. Payment Type: The purchase amount is debited directly from your bank account.

3.2. Approval Deadline: Approval is immediate, as is confirmation of the account balance.

3.3. Advantages: Avoid future debts, as you only spend what you have available in your account.

4. BOLETO (only in Brazil)

4.1. Payment Type: You generate the invoice and can pay it at a bank branch, lottery or even online.

4.2. Approval Deadline: Approval occurs after payment, which can take from a few hours to a few days.

4.3. Advantages: Ideal for those who do not have cards, but require a longer period of time to make the payment.

5. PIX (only in Brazil)

5.1. Payment Type: Allows instant transfers directly from your bank account.

5.2. Approval Deadline: Approval is immediate, money is transferred in seconds.

5.3. Advantages: Extremely fast and convenient, ideal for real-time transactions. In our store, payment requests via Pix are made after the order. However, orders are only released for delivery after proof of payment.

6. PIX INSTALLMENTS (only in Brazil)

6.1 Payment Type: Allows you to split payments, making it easier to pay for larger purchases.

6.2. Approval Deadline: Instant approval, but the total amount is debited in monthly installments.

6.3. Advantages: Flexibility to split payments and still enjoy the speed and security of PIX.

6.4. When purchasing with this modality, the user pays 50% of the value at the time of purchase and the remainder is divided into 4 equal interest-free installments.

Remember that your choice of payment method depends on your individual needs and preferences. Each option has its advantages and can be used according to the convenience and security desired. When shopping online, it is important to be aware of security components and approval deadlines to make informed decisions.